Black Economic Empowerment

General Hertzog Bridge, Free State. Image: <a href=''>Gregory David Harington</a>  General Hertzog Bridge, Free State. Image: Gregory David Harington

To show our commitment to the transformation of society and the economy in South Africa, Glassock & Associates has embarked on a process of improving the company’s contribution to Black Economic Empowerment (BEE).

As part of this transformation, our equity development programme focuses on ensuring that our staff complement is representative of designated persons (blacks, coloureds, Indians, females and people with disabilities).

We have also embarked on various internal and external  training programmes to upskill and energise our team and create a workplace that values and respects individuals and the broader community.

We achieved the following rating from BEESCORE (Pty) Ltd:

  • BEE Category: QSE
  • BEE Status: Level 2
  • BEE Recognition: 125%

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