Group risk scheme administration and consulting

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Glassock & Associates has established business relationships with all the major life assurance companies without being affiliated to any particular assurer. This means we can move our risk portfolios freely to capitalise on the best deals in the market.

Risk schemes are reviewed regularly to ensure our portfolio is fully optimised at all times.

Scheme administration is handled in-house via our customised, state-of-the-art computer system, ensuring accurate premium allocation and meticulous reconciliation.

Our risk scheme consulting services include:

  • Advising on the selection of the most appropriate risk benefit structures
  • Assistance with scheme pricing and implementation
  • Interfacing between clients’ human resources areas and life assurance companies
  • Advising on members’ medical requirements, claims and queries
  • Ensuring all members have adequate death, dread disease and disability cover
  • Ensuring all regulatory requirements are met in terms of the Pension Funds Act in case of death
  • Providing support with complicated claims
  • Assistance with medicals for individuals above the free cover limit
  • Interacting with members around benefit structures, claims processes, nomination of beneficiaries and the importance of medical assessments.