Retirement fund administration and consulting

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Glassock & Associates is registered with the Financial Services Board as a licensed retirement fund administrator under Section 13B of the Pension Funds Act.

We currently manage around 100 retirement funds of varying sizes and across a number of industries. The smallest of our funds under management has around 50 members, although we are also able to manage larger funds with 5 000 members or more.

Our retirement fund administration and consulting services include:

  • Retirement fund administration
  • Benefit, investment and legal consulting
  • Trustee responsibility services, including training, legal/technical work, secretarial and statutory services
  • Member communication service
  • Individual member consulting and financial planning

These services are provided via private administration or through one of our four own umbrella fund arrangements.

Our umbrella funds offer members access to wholesale investment options from a range of long-term, high performing asset managers. These products are designed to ensure that retirement objectives are met within cost structures well below the industry average. Options include access to active asset management and low cost, passive index-tracking options.

Our client base is founded on strong personal relationships that have been carefully developed over time. These relationships allow us to be transparent in all our discussions and to develop a deep understanding of our client and member needs.

Clients include listed and large corporates, accounting and financial institutions and professional bodies.

Over the years we have also built strong relationships with all major asset managers, insurers, regulators and other significant players in the retirement funding industry.

One of the biggest benefits we are able to offer is our independence. Because we are not linked to any particular asset manager or insurance company, we are always able to capitalise on the best possible investment and risk opportunities for our clients.

As in all areas of our business, turnaround times on retirement fund-related services are exceptional – meeting and often exceeding all statutory and service level requirements. We constantly monitor the local regulatory environment to ensure all funds comply with, among others, the Pension Funds Act.