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As a member of a pension or provident fund, you have a valuable asset which is being built up ahead of your retirement. You want to monitor the progress of your investment and make sure it’s in safe hands if and when you move to another fund.

Glassock & Associates can help you!

If you are leaving your current retirement fund, you’ll want to move your investment to a solid preservation fund with proven returns.

Of course, at any stage of your financial life cycle, we’ll be able to help with expert financial advice on the best strategies for meeting your investment goals.

If you are a member of a Glassock-administered retirement fund, you’ll soon be able to check your statement online. We're currently busy moving all our members over to a new system which will provide access to individual information at any time of the day or night.Your username and password will be issued to you as soon as your fund moves over to the new system.