Glassock is a leading independent, dynamic and flexible employee benefits and individual financial planning business. 

Our vision

To focus on providing solutions and services that meet the needs and requirements of both corporate entities and individuals in the retirement, investment, insurance and healthcare sectors in South Africa.

To build lasting relationships with our clients and service providers, and to be recognised for providing high quality services.

To have a focused team committed to creating a workplace that values and respects individuals and the broader community, by being socially responsible and providing employment and growth opportunities for all stakeholders.

Our mission

To provide high-quality service across our entire product spectrum while adhering to our core values of integrity, transparency and efficient, accurate service delivery.

To maintain efficient systems that are at the forefront of technology.

To communicate clearly and timeously with our clients.

Our values


We are open and honest in all our dealings.


We treat all investments as if they were our own, choosing the best funds for clients and members' investments without fear, favour or prejudice. 

Faultless delivery

Claims, payments and withdrawals are handled speedily and efficiently. Statements are delivered timeously. Funds are selected for optimum performance, to enable maximum return on investment.

The Glassock commitment

Glassock values efficiency and maintaining the highest standards and commits to:

  • Partner with you on your wealth accumulation journey; ensuring the appropriate mechanisms are in place to help you achieve your goals 
  • Assist you to secure your financial wellness
  • Actively participate in new proposals around retirement reform and industry developments
  • Ensure you have real-time access to fund information, using the latest technology
  • Process withdrawals and claims within the shortest reasonable time


GLASSOCK CLIENT DATA PROTECTION: We are committed to the protection and integrity of all client information that we receive within the prescribed legislation and framework of the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act 2013 and amendments. We work closely with all our stakeholders to test and ensure the ongoing protection of all client information. We acknowledge the possibility of cyber threats, to us and the financial services industry as a whole, and will continue to be vigilant and apply our policies and procedures to protect your personal information.